Disposal of Complaint

In terms of the Annual Action Plan, Vigilance Deptt., is required to take decision regarding existence
of Vigilance angle and further course of action in respect of any complain, within the prescribed time frame.

Once decision is taken regarding existence of a vigilance angle in the complaint, detailed investigation is also required to be completed within the time prescribed for this purpose.

The complaints received in the Vigilance Deptt;, are dealt with in the following manner.

aClosed – After preliminary verification, complaints which are found to be anonymous / pseudonymous / unverifiable in nature and having no vigilance angle, are filed.
bReferred to other Departments – Complaints, which after verification are found to be of administrative nature, are referred to the concerned Deptts. For suitable administrative action.
cDepartmental action – After verification, it is found that there is prima facie vigilance angle, explanations are sought from the concerned persons and future actions, thereafter, are taken as per provisions laid down under DVC Service Regulations – 1948.