Generating Units

Entrusted with the pioneering responsibility of powering industrial growth in the resource rich Damodar Valley region, DVC has been using latest available technologies to supply bulk power at competitive rates to industry.

DVC has maintained its lead role in the eastern region by adopting itself to the challenges of time and technology. DVC has been generating and transmitting power since 1953 and has succeeded not only in meeting the needs of consumers but has also helped to increase the demand of power which itself is an index of development.

DVC Power Stations at a Glance

ProjectLocationInstalled capacity (MW)UnitsCapacity (MW)Commercial Operation Date
Mejia Thermal Power StationDurlavpur, Mejia, District – Bankura, State – West Bengal2340
U#1210December 1997
U#2210March 1999
U#3210September 1999
U#4210February 2005
U#5250February 2008
U#6250September 2008
U#7500August 2011
U#8500August 2012
Bokaro Thermal Power Station-ABokaro, District – Bokaro, State – Jharkhand500
500February 2017
Chandrapura Thermal Power StationChandrapura, District – Bokaro, State – Jharkhand


U#7250November 2011
U#8250July 2011
Durgapur Steel Thermal Power StationAndal, District – Burdwan, State – West Bengal1000
U#1500May 2012
U#2500March 2013
Koderma Thermal Power StationKoderma, District – Koderma, State – Jharkhand1000(2X500)U#1500July 2013
U#2500June 2014
Raghunathpur Thermal Power StationRaghunathpur, District – Purulia, State – West Bengal1200(2X600)U#1600March 2016
U#2600March 2016
Maithon Hydel StationMaithon, River – Barakar, District – Burdwan, State – West Bengal63.2
U#120October 1957
U#223.2March 1958
U#320December 1958
Panchet Hydel StationPanchet, River – Damodar, District – Dhanbad, State – Jharkhand80
U#140December 1959
U#240March 1991
Tilaiya Hydel StationTilaiya, River – Barakar, District – Hazaribagh, State – Jharkhand4
U#12February 1953
U#22July 1953
Total (Thermal & Hydel)6687.2 MW

Solar PV Project in DVC

ProjectLocationInstalled capacity (MWp)Type of Solar PV ProjectCapacity (MWp)Commercial Operation Date
MTPS Solar PV ProjectDurlavpur, Mejia, District – Bankura, State- West bengal1.061Floating Solar PV Plant (FSPV)0.025October 2018
Rooftop Solar PV Project (RESCO Mode)1.036February 2022
DSTPS Solar PV ProjectAndal, District – Burdwan, State- West Bengal0.428
Rooftop Solar PV Project (RESCO Mode)0.428February 2022
KTPS Solar PV ProjectKoderma, District – Koderma, State- Jharkhand1.162Rooftop Solar PV Plant0.025March 2021
Rooftop Solar PV Project (RESCO Mode)1.137February 2022
RTPS Solar PV ProjectRaghunathpur, Dist- Purulia, State – West Bengal1.117
Rooftop Solar PV Project (RESCO Mode)1.117February 2022
Maithon Solar PV ProjectMaithon, Dist-Dhanbad, State- Jharkhand0.102
Rooftop Solar PV Project (RESCO Mode)0.102February 2022
DVC HQKolkata, State- West Bengal0.053
Rooftop Solar PV Plant0.053December 2016
Total (Solar)3.923 MWp