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How to avail the direct supply of DVC Power

Guidelines for new clientele – a prospective entrepreneur intending to set up an industrial unit in Damodar Valley area or a distributing licensee intending to engage in retail distributions in Damodar Valley Area:

    • To submit an application along with a non-refundable application money.
    • To comply with the ‘Ease of Doing Business’ point no 294 listed in BRAP(Business Reform Action Plan – 2017, issued by Energy Department, Govt. of Jharkhand, we are mandating that all applications from Jharkhand for new connection are required to be submitted online. Hence, offline application will not be entertained for Jharkhand consumers.
    • To deposit, on establishment of technical feasibility, a sum determined by DVC as service charge towards establishing distribution line, terminal arrangement, bay with metering consumer arrangement etc, either by A/C payee Demand Draft or Pay Order in favor of CAO, DVC, Kolkata or Online Payment Mode available in New Connection Application.
    • Details of documents required are :- Legible Mouza map demarking the location of plant and signed by the applicant, Proof of legal occupancy in the form of copies of sale deed or partition deed or succession certificate of power of attorney or leased / rented agreement or allotment order. In case of partnership firm, partnership deed, authorization in the name of the applicant for signing the requisition form and agreement. In case of Public or Private Limited Company, Memorandum and Articles or Association and Certificate of incorporation together, with an authorization in the name of the applicant for signing requisition form and agreement.
    • To execute, before commencement of supply, an agreement with DVC for such supply in the standard agreement format.

  • Commercial Department, DVC, DVC Towers, VIP Road, Kolkata 700054 welcomes new customers to get in touch for any information they may need to know.
What DVC has to offer to New Clientele:
  • Stable, reliable and quality power supply.
  • Competitive tariff structure with T.O.D. options.
  • Rebate on improved P.F.
  • Prompt and efficient services.
  • Supply connection within 6 – 9 months.
  • Single window service.
  • Attractive Techno-Commercial package to promote growth.

Multiple source of supply:

Supply Point
Voltage Levels
West Bengal
Belmuri Sub-station
25 KV, 33 KV
Burdwan Sub-station
25 KV, 33 KV, 132 KV
Kharagpur Sub-station
11 KV, 132 KV
Parulia Sub-station (near Durgapur)
33 KV, 220 KV
Durgapur Sub-station
33 KV, 220 Kv
Kalyaneshwari Sub-station (near Maithon)
33 KV, 132 KV, 220 KV
Ramkanali Sub-station
25 KV, 132 KV
Purulia Sub-station (Dist. Purulia)
25 KV, 33 KV, 132 KV
MTPS, Mejia
33 KV
DTPS, Durgapur33 KV
Mosabani Sub-station
132 KV, 33 KV
Nimiaghat Sub-station (near Gomoh)
33 KV
Giridih Sub-station
33 KV
Sindri Sub-station
132 KV
Barhi Sub-station (near Koderma)
33 KV
North Karanpura Sub-station (near Ranchi)
33 KV, 132 KV
Gola Sub-station (near Ramgarh)
33 KV
Konar Sub-station (near Gomia)
33 KV
Hazaribagh Sub-station
33 KV
BTPS, Bokaro33 KV
CTPS, Chandrapura33 KV
Panchet Hydel33 KV
Maithon Hydel33 KV, 132 KV
Ramgarh33 KV

Additional Sources (Limited capacity / Restricted Corridor)

Supply Point
Voltage Levels
West Bengal
Kalipahari Sub-station (near Asansol)
33 KV, 132 KV
ASP Sub-station (near Durgapur)
33 KV
Kolaghat Sub-station25 KV
Kumardubi Sub-station
25 KV, 33 KV
Chandil Sub-station (near Jamshedpur)
132 KV
Putki Sub-station (near Dhanbad)
33 KV
Patherdih Sub-station (near Jharia)
33 KV
Patratu Sub-station (near Ramgarh)
132 KV

Relevant Information for Clientele


For details please contact:

Chief Engineer (Commercial), DVC
DVC Towers, VIP Road,
Kolkata – 700 054
Tel: 2355-7931/6041
Fax: 2355-2129.