Other Activities

Seminars/Workshops on Preventing Vigilance: in terms of the Annul Action Plan, Vigilance Deptt. Regularly organizes interactive sessions on Preventive Vigilance with Gr. ‘A’ & ‘B’ employees posted at HQs. And different Projects. The interactive sessions, among other things, stressed on the need for transparent procedures, to inculcate good management practices and principals of public contracting.

In order to increase transparency and to make employees aware about Vigilance activities, Conduct Rules etc, Vigilance Department has decided to conduct regular training programme/workshop in the field formation as well as HQ. As such Annual training calendar has been prepared and first training programme was conducted in the month of June 2011 at CTPS.

Vigilance clearance: Vigilance Deptt. Issues vigilance clearances for different purpose like consideration of Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC), giving effect to select panel duly approved by the DPC, issuance of No Objection Certificate for making application for passport and outside employment etc.

Returns to MON/CVC/CTE: Vigilance Deptt. Furnishes returns to CVC, CTE, MOP on quarterly/Monthly basis in respect of the vigilance activates of the Corporation. Also quarterly progress report of different high value procurement / contracts are sent to CTE as per norms.

Circulation of Instruction/guideline from CVC/MOP: Circulars/Instruction received from CVC/MOP in respect of Vigilance from time to time circulated among all concerned.

Scrutiny of APRS: APRS of Gr. ‘A’ & ‘B’ employees are regularly scrutinized as part of the routine function of the Vigilance Deptt.