Reservoirs & Barrages

DVC has a network of four dams – Tilaiya and Maithon on river Barakar, Panchet on river Damodar and Konar on river Konar. Besides, Durgapur barrage and the canal network, handed over to Government of West Bengal in 1964, remained a part of the total system of water management. Also, Bokaro barrage is used to provide cooling water to BTPS.

  • In existing scenario, utilizable flood reserve capacity is 971 MCM as available in four reservoirs. The combined flood storage in Maithon and Panchet reservoirs can safely moderate a peak flood of 14169 cumec to safe lower Damodar channel carrying capacity of 3684 cumec.
  • 309 MGD of water is supplied to meet industrial, municipal and domestic requirements in West Bengal & Jharkhand from existing conservation storage of 926 MCM as available in four reservoirs.
  • Kharif and Rabi irrigation potential in West Bengal is 3,93,763 and 22,258 hectare respectively.
  • Kharif irrigation potential of 67,542 hectare has been created in Jharkhand by means of 16,882 check dams and small reservoirs like Jamunia, Gonda and Charwa.