दामोदर घाटी निगम Damodar Valley Corporation

Sale of Power

DVC supplies bulk power at 11KV, 25 KV (for railway), 33 KV, 132 KV and 220 KV at different locations to industries and distributing licensees. Among these industries figure some core sector industries like Railway, Steel. Coal etc, which form integral part of our national economy.

Sale of water

DVC supplies raw water for industrial and domestic purposes. Water tariff charged for municipality water supply (domestic purpose) is Rs 1.15 per KL . water tariff charged for industrial consumer is as follows (with effect from 01.10.2012)

(In Rs/KL)

Source of Drawal





(Up to 5 MGD)

(5+ to 10 MGD)

(10+ to 20 MGD)

(Above 20 MGD)











MGD = Million Gallon Per Day

Department in Charge

DVC’s Commercial Engineering Department handles technical, financial, commercial and legal aspects pertaining to sale of power and non-agricultural water.


Applicable Tariff in Jharkhand as per Hon’ble JSERC’s order dated 30.01.2023

Consumer Category Energy Charges Fixed Charges
LT Domestic Rs. 4.25 /kWh Rs. 75.00 /Conn./Month
LT IAS Rs. 3.00 /kWh Rs. 30.00 /HP/Month
LT Commercial Rs. 4.20 /kWh Rs. 150.00 /kW/Month
LTIS Rs. 4.20 /kVAh Rs. 150.00 /kVA/Month
Streetlight Rs. 4.40 /kWh Rs. 100.00 /kW/Month
HT Domestic Rs. 3.80 /kVAh Rs. 100.00 /kVA/Month
HT Services Rs. 3.95 /kVAh Rs. 400.00 /kVA/Month
HT Institutional Services Rs. 3.60 /kVAh Rs. 400.00 /kVA/Month

Rebate on Voltage Level, LF, PF, Prompt Payment, Online Payment are applicable as per the Tariff Order.

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Applicable Tariff in West Bengal till determination of retail tariff by Hon’ble WBERC dated 17.06.2022

Energy  Charge  (Paisa/KWH)
Voltage Class Summer Monsoon Winter   Summer Monsoon Winter
11 KV 488 486 484 Normal 478 476 474
Peak 574 571 569
Off Peak 396 395 393
33 KV 433 431 429 Normal 424 422 420
Peak 508 506 503
Off Peak 361 359 358
132 KV 419 417 415 Normal 409 407 405
Peak 491 488 486
Off Peak 348 346 344
220 KV 404 402 400 Normal 394 392 390
Peak 473 470 468
Off Peak 335 333 332
Traction 420 418 415  
Demand Charge: 384 Rs/KVA/Month

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Tariff for Beneficiaries On Day Ahead Scheduling Mode

  • Power scheduled from respective generating station will be guided by the terms of Bilateral PPA.
  • Generation tariff & Transmission tariff for DVC network as determined by CERC will be charged.
  • Beneficiaries from upcoming generating stations, for which there is no tariff order by CERC till date, provisional tariff as per relevant CERC regulation for the period 2019-24 will be made applicable ,subject to adjustment after determination of tariff by CERC.


Two sources of power (Hydel & Thermal), a vast network of transmission system interconnecting tie lines with adjoining system and power grid coupled with dedicated feeder for power supply to ensure stable, reliable and quality power in terms of regulatory norms.


Single window system for redressal of consumer complaints at the office of the Chief Engineer (Commercial), DVC, Kolkata ensuring simple procedure for getting service connection for power supply.

DVC’s Operation & Maintenance wing of T&D system & generating stations offering prompt and efficient services in the event of any breakdown in power supply and transmission lines.