दामोदर घाटी निगम Damodar Valley Corporation

Environment Management

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DVC strongly believes that excellence in the environmental fields is of prime importance. DVC strives to work with environmental issues in a consistent & systematic manner. DVC’s environmental management programme consists of the following prime activities:






  • Monitoring & compliance of environmental parameters of the thermal power stations i.r.o stack emission, effluent & ambient air quality etc.
  • Management of solid waste generated from thermal units i.e. utilization of fly ash in ash based industries (cement, bricks, blocks etc.) & reclamation of abandoned open cast mines & low lying area.
  • Creation & maintenance of greenbelt, afforestation, landscaping & beautification work in & around thermal power stations.
  • Combating soil erosion & soil decay in order to restore & preserve the quality of the land.
  • Creating awareness & encouraging manufacturers, local entrepreneurs & others for value added utilization of fly ash in making cement, bricks & other ash based products.




DVC adopts environmentally sustainable power generation measures in its thermal power plants and follows the directives & stipulations of Ministry of Environment & Forests (MoEF), Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), State Pollution Control Board (SPCB) etc. In old units of DVC at Bokaro, Chandrapura & Durgapur which were commissioned before pollution control standards has become stringent in norms. DVC has taken steps to combat the pollution nuisance in new commissioned units of KTPS, Koderma; DSTPS, Andal; MTPS, Mejia; CTPS, Chandrapura besides the old units of DVC. The major steps, taken by DVC in its thermal plants, are as follows:




  • Installation of high efficient ESPs in new units/ retrofitting of additional fields of ESPs in old units to bring down the emission within permissible limit.
  • Utilization of ash water from Ash Ponds through Ash Water Recovery System & recycling of effluent to conserve land & water.
  • Evacuation of ash from Ash Ponds followed by transportation in a fully mechanised steel covered container dumper, introduced first time in India as per Order of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India & finally dumped into the abandoned open cast coal mines of CIL. After filling up the abandoned mines, the top surface is covered with earth to facilitate growth of plantation.
  • Introduced first time measuring methodology of pond ash quantity from primitive volumetric (cum) to weighment basis (MT) on modern Weighbridges.