दामोदर घाटी निगम Damodar Valley Corporation
File Name File Size
T&D Petition PDF(156.67 MB)
Panchet Solar PV Project Tariff Petition (04.04.24) PDF(21.77 MB)
T&D Petition Series-3 (Burdwan GIS, parulia-Burdwan Line, Bay at Parulia, 4th Transformer at Durgapur SS) PDF(156.67 MB)
KTPS ECS Petition ROP Compliance (30.03.24) PDF(2.22 MB)
BTPS ECS Petition ROP Compliance (30.03.24) PDF(2.20 MB)
MT#7&8 ECS 3rd ROP Compliance (19.03.24) PDF(1.94 MB)
MT#7&8 ECS Petition Rejoinder (11.03.2024) PDF(1.56 MB)
DSTPS Petition for ECS Complete (20.02.24) PDF(89.94 MB)
RTPS Petition for ECS (18.01.24) PDF(92.90 MB)
MTPS#7&8 ECS Petition Compliance of ROP (14.12.23) PDF(21.33 MB)
KTPS Tariff Petition for ECS (20.10.23) PDF(83.95 MB)
Petition seeking in-principal approval R&M of MHS Unit-1 & 3 (172MP2023) PDF(10.89 MB)
BTPS-A Petition for ECS (17.10.23) PDF(66.86 MB)
KTPS Solar PV Project_Tariff Petition (04.10.23) PDF(5.54 MB)
Entire Petition for New T&D Elements added after 2019 Series-1 (Ref No 450 of 2023) PDF(52.98 MB)
MT#7&8_Petition for ECS PDF(80.65 MB)
ROP reply for MTPS-1-3 petition(577GT2020) for hearing on 24.06.2022 PDF(51.57 MB)
ROP reply for RTPS petition(575GT2020) for hearing on 15.03.2022 PDF(32.71 MB)
ROP reply for MTPS-7-8 petition(568GT2020) for hearing on 25.02.2022 PDF(34.51 MB)
ROP reply for MTPS-4 petition(205GT2020) for hearing on 24.06.2022 PDF(40.57 MB)
ROP reply for MHS petition(578GT2020) for hearing on 24.06.2022 PDF(4.33 MB)
ROP reply for DTPS-3-4 petition(567GT2020) for hearing on 10.08.2022 PDF(52.76 MB)
ROP reply for DSTPS petition(573GT2020) for hearing on 20.09.2022 PDF(86.16 MB)
ROP reply for CTPS-7-8 petition(570GT2020) for hearing on 04.01.2022 PDF(41.12 MB)
ROP reply for CTPS-1-3 petition(565GT2020) for hearing on 10.08.2022 PDF(50.92 MB)
ROP reply for BTPS-A petition(574GT2020) for hearing on 25.01.2022 PDF(14.74 MB)
Reply to (objector) DVPCA objection in RTPS Tariff Petition 11.05.2022 PDF(4.52 MB)
Petition New T&D Elements COD after 2019 PDF(52.42 MB)
Petition for R&M of PHS PDF(15.84 MB)
Misc Petition seeking in principal approval for RMU of Panchet Hydel Station Unit-1 (40MW) - CERC Petition No 81MP2022 PDF(15.84 MB)