दामोदर घाटी निगम Damodar Valley Corporation

Following recommendation was made/system improvements suggested  by the Vigilance Department, to increase transparency and objectivity in the existing procedures-

(a) On the advice of vigilance deptt. guidelines have been issued by the C&M deptt. vide OM Vide No. HQ/ED(C&M)/OM/335dtd. 30.12.2019, on modalities to be followed in procurement on OEM/OES/PAC/SS basis.

(b) As suggested by the vigilance deptt. provision has been made for incorporation of put to use certification tab in the indent screen of C&M module.

(c) A suggestion has been made to the Member(Tech.), DVC to ensure checking of measurement of weigh bridge by comparing it with standard weight on daily basis & provision regarding immediate transfer of data regarding truck number and its weight to the concerned section online in real time.

(d) On the advice of the vigilance deptt. guidelines has been issued by the HR deptt. vide letter dtd. 30.12.2019 regarding denial of vigilance clearance for the purpose of promotion, financial upgradation, foreign training/visits, issuance of NOCs for various purposes, in the event of failure to submit Annual Property Return(APR)within stipulated time period.

(e) It has been impressed upon to ensure FIFO (first in first out) system in payment of contractors/suppliers/service providers bills, in which it was suggested to keep a separate column pertaining to date of receipt of hard copy of bills of the contractors, in the bill diary screen of user section module & the same has been implemented.

(f) As per observation made by the vigilance deptt. procedure to be adopted for procurement of steel materials under the manufacturing range of SAIL & steel materials not under the manufacturing range of SAIL has been notified for strict adherence.

(g) It has been suggested to check all the DVC projects, i,e plants, GOMDs, sub stations etc for any unauthorized occupancy of quarters vis a vis occupancy of quarters by retired employees, with applicability of penal rent and electricity charges as per rule.

 (h) Suggestions has been made by the vigilance deptt regarding procedure to be followed to strengthen the system of operation of weigh bridge to check any fraudulent activity.

(i)A suggestion has been made to look into the feasibility of developing EBA system in such a way that there shall be no scope for generation of multiple code for same material and code should be accessible to all indentors instead of restricting it to O&M group only.

 (j) It has been suggested that the guideline issued by the C&M deptt. DVC vide OM No. HQ/ED(C&M)/W&PM/549 dtd. 13.10.2017 regarding formation of screening committee for control of inventories may also be extended in r/o indents valuing less than Rs.2 lacs and less than the threshold limit of Rs. 25 lacs, as the case may be, to check the overall inventories.

(k) On the advice of the vigilance deptt. guidelines have been issued to the effect that medical bills /cash memos submitted by the DVC employees & pensioners shall mandatorily have a GST number. without which the claim will not be processed.