दामोदर घाटी निगम Damodar Valley Corporation

Vigilance Functions

Functions:The functions of Vigilance Department has been broadly divided into 03 (Three) categories as under: –                                                               (i) Preventive Vigilance, (ii) Punitive Vigilance & (iii) Surveillance and Detection.

  1. Preventive Vigilance: : The Vigilance Department takes the following measures on Preventive Vigilance: 
  •   To undertake study of existing procedures and practices prevailing in the Organization with a view to identify those procedures and practices which provide scope for corruption and require modifications.
  •  To identify the cause of delay, the points at which delay occurs and advice suitable steps to minimize delays at different stages.
  • To review the regular functions to see whether all of them are strictly necessary and whether the method of discharge on those functions is capable of improvement.
  • To advise adequate methods to ensure that discretionary powers are not exercised arbitrarily but in a transparent and fair manners and in accordance with the some laid down guidelines.
  • To identify those areas in the organization which are prone to corruption and to ensure that Officers of proven integrity only are posted in those areas.
  • To identify sensitive posts in the organization.
  • To ensure periodical rotations of employee and in particular Officers holding sensitive posts.
  • To ensure that well defined internal process as well as corresponding controls with clear responsibilities, for different kind of activities, are set out.
  • To ensure that the organization has prepared manuals on important subjects such as purchases, contract, procurement, recruitment etc. and that these manuals are updated from time to time and conform to guidelines issued by the Central Vigilance Commission and the MoP.
  • To develop and implement an effective whistle blower mechanism.
  • To leverage technology for making punitive vigilance functions effective.
  • To ensure observance of Vigilance Awareness Week.
  • To scrutinize Internal Audit Report and CAG Audit Report.
  • To prepare the lists of Officers of doubtful integrity.
  • To prepare the Agreed List in consultation with the CBI.
  • Scrutiny of Annual Property Returns of at least 20% Executive Employees every year.
  • To conduct CTE Type investigation in the Organization.
  • The tender advice to the disciplinary authority and the Appellate Authority in vigilance cases, irrespective of the level of Officers involved.

    2.Punitive Vigilance:    Following actions are taken on the Punitive Vigilance aspects:

  •  To receive complaints from all concerns and scrutinize them as per existing instructions.
  • To investigate into such allegations involving vigilance angles.
  • To investigate into the allegations received from CVC, MoP and CBI.
  • To process the investigation reports expeditiously for obtaining orders of the competent authority about further course of action to be taken and also for obtaining Commission’s advice on the investigation reports where necessary.
  • To examine the Inquiry Officer’s Reports and to obtain orders of the competent authority about further course of action to be taken and also to obtain the Commission’s second stage advice where necessary.
  • To ensure that the disciplinary authority concerned issues a speaking order while imposing punishment on the delinquent employees.
  • To ensure that rules and time limits with regard to the disciplinary proceedings are scrupulously followed at all stages by all concerned.

     2.Surveillance & Detection:  

  •  Vigilance Department conducts regular and surprise inspection in the sensitive areas in order to detect if there have been instances in corrupt and improper practices by the employee.
  • To effectively use and scan complaints, inspection reports, audit reports, press reports source information etc. to detect corrupt practice, malpractice, negligence and misconduct etc.
  • To keep close watch on Officers at sensitive posts and Officers of doubtful integrity.